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Have you ever needed to edit PDF documents like registration or application form that you needed to complete online? In the past, you probably had to print the document, fill it out, add pictures, highlight text and add your comments. Then, you would either scan it or send a hard copy to wherever it needed to go. Besides needing a printer and a scanner, the process probably took far too much time to complete. Now there is a far easier way to edit PDFs online -- you can simply use pdfFiller. pdfFiller’s powerful tools provide a lot of useful features for working with your PDFs. You can type text anywhere on your PDF and edit it according to your needs. To get started, you upload a PDF to your account or open a document that’s already there. When you open the document, you will see the Edit toolbar along the top:

Choose the Text button or just click anywhere on the document and start typing. You can move text by dragging the text box. You can also change the font type or size by clicking the corresponding dropdown in the toolbar. To underline your text, to make it bold or italic, use the U, B, and I icons. Click the black square to change the color, and click the tree icons to resize the text.

To learn more about how to edit a PDF document online, please watch the following video:

When you use pdfFiller to edit documents online, you create legible, professional­ looking documents. And even better, you save yourself a lot of time. If you like being able to edit PDF documents online, you might be interested in a lot of other great features that pdfFiller has to offer. Some of these include creating templates, making copies of documents, converting PDF documents to Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats. Check out these tutorials to see the other great things that pdfFiller can do for you.

How do I type text on a PDF Online?

To type on a PDF online, open it in pdfFiller’s editor.
Choose the Text button or click anywhere on the document to start typing. You can place text by moving the text box.
Change the font type or size, underline, make it bold or italic by clicking the corresponding icons.
When you're done editing, click the DONE button to email, print or save your document.

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How to Use the Type Text in a PDF Feature

The Type Text in a PDF feature is a powerful tool that allows you to easily add text to your PDF documents. Follow these simple steps to make the most out of this feature:

Open the PDF document you want to edit in pdfFiller.
Click on the 'Type Text' button in the toolbar.
Position your cursor where you want to add text in the document.
Start typing the desired text. You can change the font, size, and color of the text using the formatting options in the toolbar.
To move the text, simply click and drag it to the desired location.
To resize the text, click on the text box's corner and drag it to adjust the size.
If you need to edit the text later, simply click on it and make the necessary changes.
To delete the text, select it and press the 'Delete' key on your keyboard.
Once you are done editing, click on the 'Save' button to save your changes.

With the Type Text in a PDF feature, you can easily add, edit, and format text in your PDF documents. It's a convenient way to fill out forms, add comments, or make annotations. Start using this feature today and experience the power of pdfFiller!

The new “Detect fonts on page” dialog shows that you can detect fonts by detecting the font type and font name, and if the font is used by a document, by its presence in the document. Font detection can also be done on a site level, so a new feature can be enabled per document. For example, if all the words in a document use the same font, but have different text sizes, font Detection and Replace can detect font. The new detection settings include font weight, weight of the font (used for text replacement), and the font family that is used with the font, as well as whether the typeface is scalable. (This is true for all features, of course — but this was the type that people often ask for, and we figured it made sense to make these settings customizable to different types of fonts.) There are many features included in ‘detect font in PDF’ that will provide you with great features and the complete support for different document types. ’detect font in PDF’ is a powerful and easy to use application with numerous features, which are: ’get free access to all features ’detect font in PDF’ features include: ’detect font in PDF’, with built-in feature for PDF documents ’detect font in PDF, with new-style PDF detection features ’save font detections separately ’display font detection results on screen, using image of font ’display font detection results on PDF document ’display font detection results in online PDF reader ’get instant access to document management features 2. For the font comparison feature, one simply has to press on the font detection result and find the font in PDF, in the current document. There are many possible fonts that may be detected, depending on the language type and the available fonts, which also depend on the size of the screen, or the resolution of the PC or device. ’detect font in PDF’ provides the support of all fonts compatible with X, including Unicode-friendly fonts..

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I was gonna select only 4 stars since I was having difficulty getting the app to do all that it claims, but since customer service was so great I had to add the additional star.
I love it but have trouble navigating some aspects.The printed version doesn't look as nice as the screen version. I love being able to complete paperwork online, filling it in and getting it sent back.
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pdfFiller is an online PDF typing tool which allows you to type onto any PDF file from any device anytime. With pdfFiller, you can also search for, edit, save and export PDF documents online without downloading and installing any software.
To type on a PDF, upload your document to pdfFiller’s online editor. Choose the ‘Text’ button and start typing. You can then edit the font type, font size and color.
To edit and type text on PDF, choose the ‘Text’ button and start typing. You can also click the ‘Erase’ button and clear the content in your document.
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